2 Bedroom apartment refurbishment

Hampstead NW6

Step into the phenomenal transformation of this property, where we executed a back-to-brick refurbishment. The once old and dated residence now boasts a new, fresh, and classy aesthetic.

Every corner underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. Walls and ceilings were replaced, incorporating insulation installation to enhance energy efficiency. A new central heating system, along with the installation of over 150 electrical points, including underfloor heating, ensures both comfort and modern functionality.

The formerly gloomy cellar now stands as a fully operational utility room, breathing new life into an underutilized space. Fundamental structural aspects were not overlooked, as all subfloors and roofs over the property were replaced, providing robust support to the highest floors.

Careful attention to detail extended to finishing touches, where new bathrooms and a fantastic open-plan kitchen were introduced. The property was adorned with bespoke joinery units and storage solutions, adding a touch of individuality. Every surface, from walls to joinery, was painted to immaculate standards, ensuring a polished and sophisticated living environment. This property stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, seamlessly blending structural integrity with exquisite design.

Completed work

Work in process