Loft Conversion and Roof replacement

Cricklewood NW2

Experience the transformative Loft Conversion with a roof replacement, a project designed to create a functional living space for rental purposes. The unique nature of this endeavor required a distinct approach, focusing not only on durability and quality but also on the financial efficiency of the investment.

Situated in a 120-year-old property, the project carefully preserved certain original elements while introducing modern functionality. This delicate balance was achieved through meticulous planning and execution.

Our client received comprehensive support, including securing planning permission and collaboration with building control authorities. This ensured a smooth process and compliance with regulations, adding an extra layer of assurance to the project.

In the end, the Loft Conversion with roof replacement not only enhanced the property’s value but also created a practical and inviting living space for rental purposes, showcasing a harmonious blend of history and contemporary living.

Completed work

Work in process