Major Garden refurbishment

Notting Hill W11

Transformation of a garden sanctuary in Notting Hill, where major construction works were undertaken to address the challenges posed by the natural terrain. The unique shape of the property, coupled with the threat of flash flooding, necessitated a thoughtful approach. We strategically reversed the slope of the garden to redirect rainwater away from the property, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality.

Before the construction could commence, over 400 yards of debris were cleared, making way for a new masterpiece. Reinforced concrete retaining walls, adorned with an intricate imprinted wood pattern, were installed to provide structural integrity along with a visually appealing design. This transformation also included a sophisticated soak-away drainage system to manage water effectively.

Adding character to the space, new brick steps featuring reclaimed coping stones were introduced, offering both functionality and timeless charm. The garden’s aesthetic was further enhanced with the addition of over 100 square meters of reclaimed York stone slabs, complemented by bespoke corten steel drainage grates and sheets.

To address subsidence concerns, the front wall of the garden was carefully demolished and rebuilt, maintaining the exact design to harmonize with the surrounding architecture. A comprehensive electrical installation and lighting system, integrated into the Lutron System, were added to illuminate the garden’s beauty.

In the final stages of the project, the garden’s sub-base was replaced with a sustainable drainage system, premium-quality soil, and lush turf. The canvas was set for the introduction of new trees, bushes, and a high-quality sprinkler system for the grass area. The result is not just a garden; it’s a meticulously crafted haven where form meets function, and natural beauty seamlessly blends with thoughtful design.

Completed work

Work in process