New Build Rental apartments

Hendon NW4

One of our most challenging projects, where we took charge after a previous contractor faced difficulties completing the investment in this beautiful classic property. The ambitious goal was to convert the space into four spacious flats, two of which were designated for rental purposes.

Facing a range of issues from critical to minor, we meticulously rectified all errors. The result: two impeccably finished flats, one featuring a 1-bed layout and the other a 2-bed design. The interiors were adorned with new LVT flooring, modern bathrooms, and kitchens, all while ensuring seamless electrical and plumbing installations.

The entire property underwent a comprehensive transformation, with both internal and external spaces receiving meticulous attention. Every nook and cranny, including communal areas, was painted and decorated to meet the desired standards. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional outcomes, turning a potentially problematic situation into a triumph of craftsmanship and dedication.

Completed work