Summer House Construction and Garden Renovation

Sheperds Bush W12

Explore the enchanting transformation of a garden oasis, where we’ve created a captivating renovation that enhances both function and aesthetics. At the center of this change is a custom-made summer house—a versatile space serving as a garden office and storage unit.

The garden’s appeal is elevated with new redwood fencing, showcasing durability and timeless elegance. Pathways of blue slate slabs intertwined with cobblestones invite exploration, adding sophistication and rustic charm.

In the heart of this green sanctuary, a standout feature emerges—a corten steel water fountain, bringing tranquility and visual charm. The blend of natural elements and contemporary design forms an inviting space, providing both solace and practicality.

This garden makeover surpasses the ordinary, forming an outdoor haven where tailored architecture meets harmonious landscaping. It’s a celebration of careful craftsmanship, turning a simple garden into a complete retreat—a place seamlessly balancing work and relaxation through redwood, slate, cobblestones, and corten steel.

Completed work

Work in process